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My name is Svenja and I have been practicing Yoga over a decade. Being a fashion designer who has moved to NYC a few years ago, I began my yoga teaching career while pregnant with my daughter Matilda Claire.

After having completed the 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Works in NYC, I wanted to dive deeper into the world of Pre- and Postnatal Yoga. Inspired by taking Prenatal Yoga classes on my own and realizing how my practice has deepened the connection with my baby and the awareness of my body changes, I completed my teacher training at the Prenatal Yoga Center in 2016 right before giving birth. 

I am a creative mind and enjoy accompanying pregnant students during this unique journey of becoming a mother. With my way of teaching yoga, students can maintain ease of movement, freedom from pain and a connection to their breath and their baby. I love to empower my pregnant students by building strength — both physically and mentally.

My authenticity, kindness and humor make my classes challenging and joyful at the same time.